Welcome to Sunday Wine Co

Thanks so much for taking a look around!

I’m so excited to finally launch Sunday Wine Co.

One of my favourite things is enjoying a wine with friends on a Sunday afternoon. But when I walked the aisles of my local bottle-shop there was too much choice….and when ordering wine online I found the sites a bit blokey and uninspiring.

I said to my friends “Wouldn’t it be great to receive a curated pack of wine delivered to your door that suited your mood perfectly? And they agreed….

So I set about developing an online wine store that my friends and I would love to shop….and Sunday Wine Co was born!

It was important to keep things simple, remove the intimidation of buying wine, support small wineries and to get lots of advice and knowledge from experienced wine folk.  Plus most importantly, every bottle had to taste delicious and look fabulous.

So take a browse, share with your friends & most of all – enjoy the wine!…

And if you have questions, ideas or feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers from Sunday Wine Co.






2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sunday Wine Co

  1. Ninetta Jones says:


    I was lucky enough to win a three bottle pack of reds – thank-you so much!
    I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed the Jeanneret Shiraz, 2015, Clare Valley, very much.



    1. lyndal says:

      Thanks so much Ninetta!…. we’re so glad you loved your wine pack.
      Your feedback is greatly appreciated
      SWC xx

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