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Hunt for the perfect wine this Easter long weekend!

It’s that time of year again where it’s best to put all your eggs in one basket, Easter eggs we mean!  

Is it just us or was Christmas two seconds ago and now we’re at the tail end of March…? While hottie crotties have been available since the start of January (Coles, we’re looking at you!), the Easter long weekend is upon us and what better way to spend FOUR WHOLE DAYS off than treating yourself to the ultimate indulgences – chocolate, family time, the right amount of vitamin D and of course, vino to match it all!

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So, to make your Easter Long weekend all the more enjoyable, we’ve put together the perfect tipples to enjoy this long weekend. We know you’ll be consuming an abundance of chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday morning, because there is no such thing as ‘balance’ on long weekends.

Preparing a seafood feast for your fam this Good Friday? To enhance the delicate mild flavours of delicious market sourced fish like sea bass or flathead tails – think fresh, crisp whites to marry with. Our recommendation? Our favourite Riverland local – Screaming Betty Vermentino by the Delinquenté boys (featuring in our ‘Fresh Whites’) or a casual, zesty Pacha Mama Riesling (featuring in our ‘If you love Riesling’ pack!). If fish and chips from your local is more the vibe, go for a crisp sparkling like our absolute favourite Kate Hill Sparking, to perfectly cut through the richness of batter.

So the Easter long weekend is all about the chocolate, right? Well not really, but if Easter Sunday is anything like ours, you’ll have chocolate eggs and Lindt gold bunnies in absolute abundance. We all know chocolate and wine goes down an absolute treat (pun intended), so what drop works best with what variety? Here’s our low-down!

White chocolate: we hear you, it’s not actually chocolate. You know the key ingredient, cocoa? That’s missing, so yeah, not chocolate. Anyway it’s out there, and best suited with fruity and delicate reds like our light Pacha Mama Pinot Noir (Featuring in our ‘Light Reds’).

Milk chocolate: Mmm Lindt gold bunnies. Does anyone else feel like they have these in the house for 6 months after? Milk chocolate is traditionally the go-to for Easter, and that smooth creamy taste matches perfectly with a sweeter red blend, like our Jericho GSM Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre.

Dark Chocolate – our total fave and ultimate vice! A delicious 70% or more cocoa is full of rich chocolate-y flavour, with a hint of bitterness, rather than that sickly sweet taste. Our recommendation? Any drop in our ‘Big Reds’ pack will suit just fine.

Whatever you eat, or how much, there is no judgement here. We love any excuse to indulge in a few of our favourite things! Have a safe Easter Long weekend girlfriend!

Sunday Wine Co x

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