Our favourite drops to ease you into the cooler months!

Dust off your leather boots and thick woollen coats, because Summer has well and truly left the building. Gone are the days of poolside afternoons with light, bright and bubbly wines. As the temperature plummets and leaves start to fall, we’re turning to something a little bolder in the evenings to match our heart warming meals. We all love a Pinot Grigio, but let’s be honest, a lush Sangiovese is going to pair way better with a deliciously rich lasagne. And we couldn’t do one more salad even if we tried.

So, if you’re struggling with the transition from your crisp, summery whites and pinks (we get it – we are too), then this piece is here to guide you through it, sharing some of our favourite bold and warming drops for the chilly season!


One of the best things about the cooler months is throwing together a delicious grazing board abound with creamy triple brie, spicy quince paste and crunchy pesto and calling it dinner. For these kinds of Saturdays (i.e. our favourite kind), you can find us with a bottle of Pacha Mama Pinot Noir in hand (available in our “Light Reds” pack). We can’t get enough of the winemaking lady duo behind this label, aptly named after the Incan goddess herself goddess ‘Pacha Mama’ who brings “fruit to the wine and joy to the world.” Um…that’s a gal we can get behind!

With the aroma of a typical Pinot boasting heavy scents of autumnal undergrowth: earth, spice and forest floor, this wine truly is the embodiment of the season. The Pacha Mama Pinot Noir sings distinctly by adding notes of sour cherries and sweet vanilla panna cotta, making it the perfect drop to accompany your rich cheeses and shaved prosciutto. Turn up the heater and dig in!


We love a Riesling at this time of year, because just like your comfy heeled boots (you know the ones), they can take you from day to night without missing a beat. With the high acidity and lower alcohol content of a Riesling, it makes the perfect wine to sip on from lunch with your girls, through to dinner with the fam. Our pick of the bunch is the Big Fine Girl Riesling from Ben Jeanneret in the Clare Valley. Starring in our “Everything Happens For A Riesling” wine pack, this crisp, citrusy drop produces a complex balance between fresh grapefruit and zesty lime, delivering a flavour that will leave you wanting more. So wave goodbye to the girls, throw on an extra layer, and take this one to meet the parents.


For those chilly evenings where your type into the group chat: “too cold to go outside! Just come to mine and we’ll cook up some pasta?” – you’re going to need a pretty dynamite bottle. If a rich and creamy carbonara is involved, you can be sure that we’re reaching for a Chardonnay. For pasta served with creamy and fairly indulgent sauces, unoaked Chardonnay is an ideal match – both in and out of the dish! That’s right, whilst you’re dishing with the girls and sipping on your chardy, you can be cooking up a delicious sauce that calls for a splash of the drop. Our recommendation? The Le Stagiaire Chardonnay from Garagiste (available in our “Chardonnay Darling” pack.) This drop showcases the vibrantly fresh and perfectly balanced characteristics of the Mornington Peninsula soil. Garagiste wine label keeps its range small and focussed, meaning each bottle is dripping in quality and TLC. Packed with white peach, grapefruit and dry pear, we can guarantee this Chardonnay’s crisp and citrusy notes will cut through even the richest of decadent fettuccines. YUM.


Just like a big snuggly jumper or cosy knit throw on the edge of your couch, a tall glass of Sangiovese offers a familiar comfort during the Autumn months. Pair it with a rom-com and an extra cheesy pizza, and you’re looking at the perfect night in. Once we’re comfy, we reach for The Cloak Sangiovese (available in our “Light Reds” pack) and toast to a delightful night of R&R. Just what the doctor ordered. From the same dynamic lady duo behind Pacha Mama, the Cloak and Dagger label is just as enchanting. Their Sangiovese is plump, vibrant, and finished off with a delectable earthy, dark chocolate undertone. Don’t worry, as you snuggle up on the couch, this Sangiovese will be anything but a third wheel.

These transitional drops should help make the shift from warm sunny days spent at the beach, to rainy nights tucked in by the fire, just that little bit sweeter. So it’s time to pack up your white dresses and blushing rosés, and embrace your winter wardrobe and bolder wines. Plus, remind yourself that as the temperature gets colder, a certain spicy, warmed wine is around the corner. We’ll cheers to that.

Sunday Wine Co x

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