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The sweetest pair: how to match your chocolate with a bottle

If you asked us what a well-rounded diet looks like at this time of year, we’re going to respond: cheese, wine… and chocolate! You know what we’re talking about: Easter. That magical time of the year where it is socially acceptable to purchase bunny shaped chocolate by the truck load.

To kick off the chocolate-themed month, our team has been trialling some devilish chocolate and vino pairings so you can spend your Easter long weekend truly indulging. We know what you’re thinking – “what a dreary and unrewarding task!” Well, someone has to do it.


For those who like their chocolate dark and decadent, our recommendation is to pick up a couple of Pana Organic’s Dark Maple Ganache. This wicked dark salted chocolate boasts a fragrant sticky maple essence that will leave you begging for more than the 80g in each box. Pair it with the Jericho GSM (Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre) from McLaren Vale (featured in our “Bold Reds” pack) and you’ve got yourself a match made in our kind of heaven. This drop comprises a unique blend of three grapes, making it a perfectly balanced, deep red. The Grenache delivers intense red berry characteristics, whilst the Shiraz offers structure, and the Mourvedre brings the spice. GSM? More like Gorgeous, Satiating, and Mmmm…


When it comes to chocolate with a bit more crunch, our go-to is Pana Organic’s Nuts Chocolate Bar. Filled with hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashews and walnuts, this chocolate packs a punch with its crunch. We suggest teaming it with a medium bodied red, such as the Dune Shiraz from the brothers in Blewitt Springs (featured in our “Bold Reds” pack). This earthy Shiraz couples the spicy, peppery characteristics that are typical of the Blewitt Springs region, with a softness and balance that makes it smooth and light on the palate. With your Shiraz in one hand, and nutty chocolate in the other, you’ll mean business this Easter long weekend.


To contrast the creamy, sweet taste of a sumptuous milk chocolate, a crisp Riesling is required. We can’t go past the winning combo of WAWA’s Toasted Sourdough – Milk chocolate and the Big Fine Girl Riesling from Ben Jeanneret in the Clare Valley (available in our “Everything Happens For A Riesling” pack). The crisp citrusy drop pairs well with the equally crisp baked sourdough in this heavenly chocolate block. Or if you’re more of a red drinker, try it with the delicate Pacha Mama Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley (available in our “Light Reds” pack). This easy going Pinot boasts flavours of sour cherries and wild strawberries, with a subtle spice that will have you reaching for a top up!


For when you’re having more of a fruity craving, Pana Organic’s Orange, Pistachio & Quinoa Ganache is your perfect match. This velvety chocolate hits you with a burst of citrus, and a surprising yet delightful crunch from the pistachio and quinoa. The only thing that could make such an exquisite block of chocolate any better, is a cheeky bottle of zesty Pinot Grigio. Our choice? The Dagger Pinot Grigio from King Valley (featured in our “Fresh Whites” pack). The choc-orange explosion from the dream team at Pana is only intensified by the Pinot’s intoxicating blend of crisp nashi pears, citrus and juicy honeysuckle. Orange really is the new black ladies.


If you prefer your chocolate as sweet at you are, we definitely suggest you get your hands on some of Hey Tiger’s Yes Empress white chocolate. The team at Hey Tiger deliver an exotic twist on the classically smooth white chocolate, with flavours of delicate lychee and fresh mint. And what marries better with white chocolate than a glass of sparkling? We’ve bottled up the bubbles in our exclusive Sunday Wine Co  “Things That Sparkle” pack. With fresh crisp apple, a touch of citrus, and a finish that is dry and refreshing, you’ll be grateful the pack comes with two bottles!

Whatever your chocolate-y preference is, be sure to enjoy yourself this Easter season. We know we will. Keep your chocolate close and your wine closer, because we can tell you one thing – it’s going to get ugly if the Easter Bunny tries to hide our wine. Enjoy!

Sunday Wine Co x

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