The ULTIMATE guide on cheese & wine pairing for the picnic season!

Wine and cheese: a duo forged in heaven. With the picnic season upon us, we expect tasty drops and dreamy creamy cheeses to be loaded in your cane baskets. For those moonlight cinema stints or catch-ups with the girls, you’ll no doubt have an array of yummy antipasto heroes ready to go.

But, it can often be difficult to decipher what creamy fromage to pair with your fave white, or what’s the go-to for washing down a slab of goats cheese. So, we’ve created the Sunday Wine Co guide to matching two of life’s greatest pleasures with ease, so you can roll out the rug and relax…


For aged cheddars and peppery cheeses, look for full-bodied reds such as the Jeanneret Cabernet Malbec (SA) from our ‘Bold Reds’ pack. The rich nature of red wine holds up well against the strength of a traditional Cheddar. Oh, and don’t forget the quince paste.

When it comes to a block of parmesan, be daring with your pairing. An aromatic Australian Shiraz is destined to meet at the cheese board with an indulgent parmesan cheese. Turn to our ‘For the Foodie’ trio, featuring a Gestalt Serotina Grenache Shiraz, hailing from the Barossa Valley (SA).

And if you’re a bubbly lover, whip out a hearty, dense gruyère. The light touch of the Harvest Blanc De Blanc Sparkling (SA) from our ‘Love Bubbles’ trilogy adds that touch of sparkle to highlighting a gruyère’s sweet, nutty qualities.


When you find yourself piling baguettes with creamy triple brie and camembert, crack open a sharp Chardonnay. Best followed by sips of punchy whites, these Parisian icons work beautifully with our ‘Chardonnay Darling’ lineup. Our recommendation? The Garagiste Le Stagiaire Chardonnay from the Mornington Peninsula (VIC), pour away and nod with a firm ‘oui, oui’ to a wheel of soft fromage on the platter.


Delicious Binnorie Dairy dill goat’s cheese from the Hunter Valley (NSW) marries perfectly with crisp whites. We recommend a Riverland local with citrus soul and sass, like Screaming Betty from our divine ‘Fresh Whites’ pack.

Or, if you’re an avid Rosé fan, have a glass of one of our bright ‘Pretty Pinks’ like the delicious Jericho Rosé plucked from the Adelaide Hills (SA). This drop is ready to match the acidic, tangy flavour of a goat’s cheese. Yes way, Rosé.


An aromatic Riesling marries perfectly with decadent, salty cheeses like a strong blue or an aged gouda. Our ‘Everything Happens for a Riesling’ pack features whites with bold florals, zest and punch to cut through these strong flavours. Next time you unwrap an infamously polarising blue cheese, pour your picnic crew a glass of the Pacha Mama Riesling from the Yarra Valley (VIC). She’s juicy, fresh and balanced. Just the way we like it!

Now that we’ve gone back to basics, it’s time to explore what pairing makes your palate tick. We don’t know about you, but all that cheese and wine talk has us longing for some #plattergoals and chats with our best girls. Go on, treat yourself to the finer things.

Sunday Wine Co x

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  1. Stella says:

    Great post for every wine lover! Amazing tips. Definitely going to try out most if not all of them. Thank you for sharing and keep it up.

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