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Why we’re pouring the Pét Nat this summer

Ahem, the Pét what? Let’s translate the wine lingo that’s probably cropped up on your drinks radar recently. Pét-Nat is short for pétillant naturel, which is French for “naturally sparkling”. Voilà!

This bubbly has a gained a whole lot of buzz lately, and it’s quickly becoming one of our favourite tipples for those balmy, summer evenings ahead.

A surge of love in the organic wine movement has taken us back to the ‘ancestral’ method of distilling drops. The old school recipe for making Pét Nat sees wine connoisseurs letting fermentation happen in the bottle. They then resist the urge to add any acid, yeast or preservatives into the mix. Wild, huh?

Instead, carbon dioxide produced by natural sugars found in the grapes is trapped in the bottle, keeping the wine deliciously fresh. Pét-nat can be made with red or white wine grapes, tending to boast a dry mouthfeel, low alcohol levels and a slightly-sweet trace on the tongue.

The rustic, almost yesteryear rendition of modern winemaking creates a way less bubbly wine than traditional Champagne. For a slightly low-key fizz, more akin to a refreshing cider than a flute of champers, this touch of sparkle could be your new go-to pour. And we think it will be!

You can find the fizzy Blackwood Hill Pét Nat, from Yarra Valley vines in our ‘A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

pack, standing as a testament to the expert winemakers on Victoria’s infamous vineyards. Dubbed “a light sparkling fruit salad”, we couldn’t help but jump on this boozy bandwagon.

These trendy, fruity wines are affordable and made to be revered in the warm weather, best served after chilling in an ice bucket for roughly half an hour as your dinner party kicks off.

Curious yet? We have a feeling the Pét Nat renaissance could be your ultimate summer fling.

Sunday Wine Co x

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