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Wine pairings for a BBQ to remember.

Easter is just around the corner, which means a sugar-fuelled, wine-sipping long weekend is yours for the taking. 

Four days in the heart of Autumn is the perfect chance for some R&R (because seriously, how is it mid-April already?). Although, we’ve been faced with uncertainty over the last few weeks, it’s important to take time to celebrate and connect with our loved ones. Relax in the beautiful orange hues of the changing leaves, and put on a delicious feed, the Easter long weekend is one to enjoy all kinds of indulgences. 

While it’s perfectly acceptable to have a strict diet of bunny shaped chocolate, a delicious BBQ is the perfect way to balance out your sweet consumption and impress your household. No sugar highs or tummy aches here! Consider this your ultimate Easter weekend food and wine pairing guide, so you can get back to the important things (Choccy egg hunting, of course).

1. Scrumptious Seafood 

If you’re a traditionalist, then fresh seafood is a must on Good Friday. Grilled salmon calls for much lighter and brighter drops. Fresh and zesty whites come to mind for most, but Jericho’s Fiano (found in our Fresh Whites pack) is the one for us. Drool-worthy aromas of stone fruit and fresh herbs have us savouring the fresh and crisp flavours, perfectly balanced with a lovely texture and clean acidity. Delish! 

Chargrilled king prawns, served with lime and chilli, are a beautiful touch on any backyard BBQ and an autumn staple for even the fussiest foodie. King prawns bring their own juicy flavours, so it’s best to pair them with a dry Riesling to avoid overcrowding your tastebuds. Our pick? The Jeanneret Big Fine Girl Riesling, plucked from our Everything Happens For A Riesling pack.

Everything Happens For A Riesling Pack

2. High Steaks

Steak is a classic BBQ favourite for the meat-eaters, it’s easy to cook and feels good to support your local butcher. Steak is a rich meat, and it’s best served with other rich flavours. We suggest a bold, full-medium bodied Shiraz to compliment the steak’s savoury flavour. The Charlotte Dalton Shiraz, a star feature in our Bold Reds pack filled with bursting notes of dark cherry and raspberry, is the bottle for the job. 

3. Cute Buns

Stacking your fave fresh salad in between a soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside bun and grilled patty, is the easiest entertaining DIY option. Cut through the savoury flavour with something lighter, like a bright-eyed favourite – Prosecco. Cloak & Dagger’s 2018 Prosecco is primarily produced using the Glera grape (found in traditional Prosecco) with a drop or two of Gewürztraminer, to create a multidimensional flavour that is  anything but basic. Crisp apples, bright citruses and fresh pear make a punchy combination to cut through everything else. Throw in some lychee, lime and lemon zest and we’re already asking for a second glass. You can find this bubbly in our Pop The Prosecco pack.

Pop The Prosecco Pack

4. Snag one for yourself

Often an underrated classic, sausages do in fact exist outside and beyond hardware stores. Available in a range of delicious varieties, keeping with a light and fruity red ensures you won’t be leaving any flavours in the dark. The Jericho Tempranillo is a softer red, and the fruity floral combo can be extended over summer with a little time in the fridge. You’ll find it easy to spot in our Light Reds pack.

5. Hallelujah halloumi

Grilled halloumi has taken eateries by storm (we’re not mad about it), and it’s dangerously simple to nail at home too. To cut through the saltiness of this delicious cheese, we suggest keeping things light with a dry rosé. The Even Keel Pinot Noir Rosé, spotted in our Pretty Pinks pack, is the best of both worlds. Savoury yet refreshing, this bottle hails from the the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Blending Pinot Noir and Sangiovese is a risk, but the subtle, yet spicy, well-rounded body is worth it. Packed with red fruit, this wine will make sure your halloumi doesn’t keep you weighed down for long.

Pretty Pinks Pack

While currently, there may be much on our minds, remember to take a moment and enjoy the festivities while consuming *way* too much chocolate  – after all, you deserve it! 

Sunday Wine Co x

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