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The women behind Wine Unplugged & Pacha Mama.

It’s no surprise that the brains (and hands) behind one of our all time favourite wine labels – Pacha Mama, are two fabulous female winemakers, who set out to create stylish and highly individual wines that leave you wanting more. At Sunday Wine Co, we absolutely love their passion and philosophy for wine, so this month we’re shining some light on the dynamic wine duo and one of their four projects together –  Pacha Mama! Much like the Incan goddess herself, this label brings fruit to the vine and joy to the world!

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Now based in the picturesque Yarra Valley, the centre of Victoria’s wine country, Nina and Callie had wine running through their veins, with both lady’s fathers working within the industry. However, it wasn’t until the two crossed paths in 2009 – rather unexpectedly given their varied backgrounds; Nina had studied Microbiology (which she loved!) and was working as winemaker for Catalina Sounds in Marlborough, New Zealand. Callie, a Psychology and Criminology graduate turned Qualified Chef, who had a serious love for wine, was working in restaurants when she realised that “[while] you may be creating something magical, you don’t get the joy of sharing it when you’re tucked away in a kitchen.” The grape seed was planted when Nina was working with Callie’s Dad – The pair met and hit it off. Pacha Mama was born!

(Image sourced via Wed Shed)

The two source fruit from their favourite wine regions throughout Victoria from talented, meticulous growers whose number one priority is to nurture the fruit. The two believe believe this showcases that variety is best and “having no barriers to what we can produce, other than our imaginations!” is the secret to their Pacha Mama magic. The girls are passionate about producing wine that takes them back to their past but also represents where they want to be in the future. As massive foodies, Callie and Nina create wines that are the perfect accompaniment to any meal, and that they themselves want to drink and share with their loved ones.

(Image via @WineUnplugged. Nina and Pacha Mama Chardonnay in the making.)


The girls mention that there is no such thing as a typical day for a winemaker – which is one of the most exciting things about the job, particularly around vintage time which definitely keeps them on their toes (lots of coffee required!). They say the best and most fun part about being a winemaker for your own small business is the ability to create something incredible from the humble grape, constantly learning and watching wine evolve over time. Nina and Callie are set to continue to produce wine that they’re immensely proud of and that they themselves simply enjoy drinking. We can’t wait to taste what else is in the works! Lastly, we thought we’d ask the duo two very important questions…

What is your ultimate wine philosophy? 

“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Using great fruit, just like using fresh regional produce in cooking, is key to making quality wine.”

What are you drinking at the moment? And what do you drink it with?

“The just released 2016 Pacha Shiraz which is looking vibrant and juicy and goes perfectly with our favourite meal – chocolate!!

Thanks for chatting ladies! If you’re more a light red fan – Pacha Mama Pinot Noir is for you! A delicate, easy-going red that features in our ‘Light Reds’ pack. If bold whites are more your thing, you simply must try Pacha Mama Chardonnay – a punchy, floral white with body, available in our ‘If you love Chardonnay’ pack.

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